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Although LGBT+ rights have come a long way, we still have far to go, especially outside the Western World. What many investors don’t realise, is that when creating a globally diversified portfolio, they are often investing in regimes and companies around the world that suppress LGBT+ citizens.

We all know money talks. At Equality Capital we build globally diversified portfolios, so you can maintain the same risk spread and diversification as you would with a traditional wealth manager, but we avoid investing in areas that do not give adequate rights to LGBT+ citizens.

Many countries are crying out for foreign investment. This investment should come with conditions, and at Equality Capital it does – respect and protect LGBT+ rights.

It is a criminal offence to be gay in 74 countries
Over 30% of LGBT+ youths have attempted suicide.
Only 22 countries out of 196 have marriage equality.


As part of our LGBT+ ethical screening process, we score countries and sectors against 6 key indices:

  • Marriage equality
  • Civil partnerships
  • Adoption rights
  • Workplace Legislation
  • Military service rights
  • Legal punishments for being LGBT+

Each country or sector’s total score will give them one of three results – investable, uninvestable or enhanced due diligence.


The country, company or sector is allowed into the Equality Capital portfolios.

Enhanced due-diligence

We drill down into the fund to see what segments of the country are being invested in. If it is mainly companies with good LGBT+ records we will invest, if not we won’t.


The country, company or sector is not allowed into the Equality Capital portfolios.

LGBT+ Charities

At Equality Capital, not only do we invest for LGBT+ rights, but we also give 10% of our profits to LGBT+ charities. We work with a number of different charities and are always happy to look at more if any of our investors have a particular affinity to any. Together, we can make a difference.