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Equality Capital is part of the CPN group of companies and so draws off of their extensive research, buying power and expertise. As part one of the UK’s most established wealth management companies, Equality Capital can focus our expertise on the needs of the LGBT+ community and it’s allies. We endeavour to provide a high quality Private Wealth service with a social edge that makes a genuine difference to the issues that we care about.

As a group we manage over £200 million of client assets, look after over 2500 clients and have an expert team who is highly qualified and fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Charlie Nicholls
Charlie NichollsPartner
Charlie has been working in the Investment Management industry since 2012 having launched one of the first online investment firms in the UK. He brings his expertise to the LGBT market and heads up the team at the company’s London office.
Sam Nicholls
Sam NichollsPartner
Sam originally trained as a chartered accountant and expanded these qualifications in othe investment market. As a diploma qualified adviser Sam is highly qualified to provide expertise in investments.


At Equality Capital, we are more than just a wealth management company and look to build a community of like minded investors who have an interest in LGBT+ rights. Together, with our collective capital we can make genuine changes to LGBT+ rights around the world.


To build a community of like minded investors who want high quality wealth management services with a goal of both making returns and improving the lives of LGBT+ people around the world.

Our investment strategies are formed through applying fundamental portfolio construction concepts. We have a commitment to long term investment fundamentals and we look to build portfolios which are forward facing and take account of future potential problems. Capital preservation is foremost in our philosophy and we aim to achieve good performance while never getting drawn into chasing the highest returns at the expense of significant downside risk.

We always stay technology focused and ensure we are looking forward and in line with changing consumer attitudes. All clients have access to their investments online and we run an entirely paperless service, leveraging secure and encrypted technology to deliver a truly 21st century offering.

We have a dedicated events team who organise our hospitality. We host regular entertainment at some of the best events around the country and it is a great way to meet and socialise with other like minded clients.